Field Hockey All SWC Winners

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

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First Team

Victoria Gracy, Bethel

Celia Preveza, Immaculate

Lauren Oskam, Immaculate

Molly Colye, Immaculate

Erin Carroll, Joel Barlow

Emily Lange, Masuk

Maggie Orloff, New Fairfield

Megan Rahmati, New Fairfield

Mckenzie Dayton, New Milford

Tori Roberts, New Milford

Aniko Walsh, Newtown

Katherine Dirga, Newtown

Kathrine Trammel, Newtown

Katie Goyda, Newtown

Jessica Evans, Pomperaug

Leah Kowalsky, Pomperaug

Kat Samaranayake, Weston

Immaculate's Molly Coyle earned All SWC First Team accolades.

All Colonial

Nyrie Ovanessian, Brookfield

Casey Halliday, Masuk

Meghan Braiewa, Masuk

Molly Halliday, Masuk

Heather Dempsey, New Milford

Emily Smith, New Milford

Erinn O'Hara, New Milford

Madison Antonucci, New Milford

Paige Duffany, New Milford

Gigi Marino, Newtown

Camryn Griffin, Newtown

Izzy Butler, Newtown

Meghan O'Rourke, Newtown

Ava Messina, Pomperaug

Julia Manson, Pomperaug

Maddie Mickune, Pomperaug

Kari Richardson, Pomperaug

All Patriot

Camille Kroot, Bethel

Mackenzie Healy, Bethel

Victoria Cruz, Bethel

Alexys Garden, Immaculate

Caroline Brown, Immaculate

Emma Halas, Immaculate

Francesca Coppola, Immaculate

Morgan Begler, Immaculate

Bella Miceli, Joel Barlow

Lilly Herman, Joel Barlow

Olivia Rodrigues, Joel Barlow

Heather Clark, New Fairfield

Lilian Aubry, New Fairfield

Reagan Tenaglia, New Fairfield

Blayden Koval, Watertown

Brianna Catalani, Watertown

Emily Burr, Weston

Morgan Schramm, Weston

Honorable Mention

Abigail Flamme, Bethel

Gianna Fusaro, Bethel

Jacqi Pijnenburg, Bethel

Jessica Astrologo, Bethel

Rebecca McLoughlin, Bethel

Victoria Amarillo, Bethel

Makayla Preston, Brookfield

Abby Giansiracusa, Immaculate

Victoria Bono, Immaculate

Alison Kopec, Joel Barlow

Stephanie Ballas, Joel Barlow

Brooke Jones, New Fairfield

Collette Lynch, New Milford

Jill Kenny, New Milford

Reagan Shoen, Newtown

Shannon Kelleher, Newtown

Lauren Nee, Pomperaug

Claire Lyman, Watertown

Olivia Labella, Watertown

Rachel Auccello, Watertown

Carina Giordano, Weston

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