Catching Up With Abby Correard

Bethel's Abby Correard plays soccer in the fall, and runs track in the winter and spring.

What are you track events?

"I am in the middle of mid distance and sprinting, as I run all the way from the 4x200 to the 800. My main events are probably the 400, 600, 4x400 and 4x800."

What do you like best about running?

"Although track is mostly considered a non-team sport, I love how close the team is with everyone, and how I get to compete in relays with my friends. I have this group of friends, Ava Graham, Miranda Anastasakis and Lauren Gallagher, that I run the 4x800 with, and it feels so great to succeed with a team of people that I am so close with."

Favorite subject in school.

"I really like all kinds of sciences."

Favorite team.

"I would have to say my favorite team is University of Alabama college football, because I grew up cheering for them with my family."

Favorite food.


Dream job.

"I really want to be a doctor or nurse working in the oncology field."

When she's not competing...

"I am in Student Government as Class Vice President, and I really enjoy hanging out with all of my friends."

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